This page contains a very abbreviated collection of commands that will help get you started using Emacs and/or Edwin. It is by no means complete, but should be sufficient to be able to use these programs in a useful way.

Cursor commands
C-f forward 1 character
C-b back 1 character
C-n next line
C-p previous line

Rearranging text
C-[space] set mark
C-w cut
M-w copy
C-y yank

C-x 1 close all other windows
C-x 2 split window horizontally
C-x o switch to other window
C-x b switch to buffer / open file
C-x C-b list buffers

Exit and Save
C-x C-c Exit (and save)
C-x C-s Save

C-g Escape mini-buffer
C-h Help

EDWIN (Scheme) only
C-x C-e Evaluate expression
M-x eval-current-buffer
[tab] Smart indent

In the table above, the following conventions are used:

C-x - Hold down the control key and type the letter x.
M-x - Hold down the meta (alt) key and type the letter x.
C-x b - Hold down the control key, type the letter x, release the control key, and type the letter b. C-x C-b - Hold down the control key, type the letter x, type the letter b, and release the control key.